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About ViSeMan

All in One

ViSeMan is an OPEN OTT / IPTV platform, which includes the complete system of processing and distribution of streams, user applications and administration of customers. The advantage is that the entire system comes from one supplier. This ensures its reliability and eliminates complicated and expensive integration of multiple systems from different suppliers.


ViSeMan is a modular platform. You can use it as a whole or only some parts that can be implemented into your existing system. ViSeMan uses streaming protocols MPEG DASH / HLS and DRM Marlin. On request, it is possible to integrate other technologies and modules.


ViSeMan is an open, flexible platform that adapts to users of any size. Through open API it is easily integrated into existing infrastructure and systems.


ViSeMan Cloud - make your own cloud and offer your services to your partners and get more customers. It allows you to process both online and offline videostream and offers all linear and non-linear services such as autorecording, nPVR, timeshift, instant recording, scheduler etc.


State of the Art

ViSeMan is constantly being developed and improved with new features and the latest technologies. ViSeMan monitors and responds to the newest trends and multimedia marketplace requirements and it delivers it to customers as fast as possible.

ViGo applications

The ViSeMan applications ensure smooth streaming using the ABR technology - adaptive strate, either in the automatic mode or in the mode where the customer chooses the profile / speed that is convenient for him.


ViSeMan brings you All In One system at minimum costs. ViSeMan is the first OTT / IPTV platform in the world distributed for free.


ViSeMan is available to everybody. Whether you have 100 or 100 000 customers, the system adapts to your needs and grows with you.

The ViSeMan platform module


The transcoder provides the transformation of the input stream into multiple output profiles of different quality. The transcoder output is in the HLS and DASH systems.

ViSeMan middleware

ViSeMan middleware is the heart of the system that administrates Live and VOD contents. It provides client applications with EPG information and deals with their access to video / audio content based on the user rights.

ViSeMan middleware allows you to run multiple virtual systems for more operators that have different range of services with different prices, or for one operator with multiple regions with different offers and prices. You can manage everything from one single administration interface. That is why you do not have to use multiple ViSeMan installations. Middleware has an API interface and it is possible to connect the CRM system of ViSeMan users to it. You can also use the sophisticated CRM system of ViSeMan.

ViSeMan CRM/Billing system

ViSeMan CRM / Billing system manages customer accounts. It allows customers to add / remove users and devices to their account, activate / deactivate services (live, VOD, recording, etc.), and carry out a lot of other settings. The Billing system works as prepaid and postpaid system, it keeps records of these services and payments to customers and automatically issues invoices. The system works with bank accounts and payment gateways.

ViGo playback applications

The ViGo application is available for Android 4.1 devices and newer, iPad and iPhone. The applications for Windows 10 for mobile devices, notebooks and PCs are currently being developed. There is also a SetTopBox with Android. The advantage of the ViGO application is its basic, simple, immediate and completely free of charge customization for the OTT services operators.


Digital Rights Managment System (Marlin) provides the encryption of the transmitted content between the streaming servers and the applications.

ViSeMan Streaming Server / CDN

The streaming servers of the ViSeMan system provide smooth streaming to all devices. They allow the network operators to create their own CDN and thus significantly optimize the load across the network infrastructure, or its sharing with other partners.

Operation Monitoring System

Operation Monitoring System monitors the proper functioning of all system components and transmits the online information about problems to the supervisors via e-mail or SMS. The system monitors the input streams into transcoders, the output of transcoders, the middleware and streaming servers functioning, the entire hardware and system resources.



  • CRM
  • Billing
  • User Managment
  • Open API


  • EPG
  • Live Channels
  • Vendor Manager
  • VOD
  • ACM
  • Geo filtering
  • etc.

Streaming Server

  • Geo Filtering
  • Optionally
  • Core Streaming Server
  • Public Streaming Server


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web Player
  • Smart TV
  • STB

Operation Monitoring System

  • Statistics
  • Graphs
  • Alerts
  • Online Monitoring


3rd party

  • Transcoding
  • Portal / CRM / billing

The system users have access to the updated knowledge base and in case of any technical problems, the technical support is available 24/7.
The ViSeMan system is constantly being developped. New features are added and existing applications are modified to be easy to use and to offer everything the customer wants from such applications.

Start to use the ViSeMan system too and participate in its development.

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The ViSeMan platform is provided and developed by Smart Fun Ltd and is offered for free.
We welcome all new customers and partners with interest to ViSeMan platform.

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